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Flat arguments aren't necessarily wrong. Not every true statement is complicated.
But like with practically everyone, some things that Jordan says are right and some are wrong. Just because you spotted a wrong argument does not mean that everything he says is wrong.
His "monogamy statement" on the other hand might not be true, but it is generally useful for some societies. I mean.. lots of animals developed monogamy independantly. It has some value.
For humans:
- Men without a partner tend to be resentful and aggressive.
- We have approximately 50 % men and women.
- If we apply monogamy, fewer men become resentful and harm the society as a whole. - At least in theory, we thus have the capability to create a "perferct matching", which we otherwiese wouldn't have

Monogamy isn't required, but can be a useful tool to reduce civil unrerst.
But as always, I like being convinced that I am wrong^^
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