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Ok I watched it.
Peterson says ( in '12 principles for a 21st century conservatism') we should tell immigrants its a bad idea to vote for the ultra-left liberals out of gratitude. We can show them their values are more in line with ours, not theirs. And from there its easy to have them fight with us for tight borders because they want to protect what they found here too.

The stream should have focused more on the religion not the ethnicity of the group that threatens to dominate us in our countries. I myself am not afraid of the scenario painted here, as long its no muslin majority. 

I know how to read statistics, I wrote my master thesis in human genetics. I dont expect the development they predict (only if you have a arbitrary high standard for genetic 'purity' who is white) if we stop to let just everybody in. 
So stop open borders NOW its not too late.

"Because without borders everything mashes into the same untenable state of undifferentiated chaos. And you can’t live in that." -Peterson

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